Oil Changes & Maintenance

oil changes and maintenance

Here at Skeeter’s Auto Service in Cypress, TX, we believe in helping our customers get their cars back to running as they should. We provide the knowledge and will work with you to create a preventative maintenance schedule to prevent the need for any significant repairs. Keep your car running smoothly, and save time with a maintenance service or oil change in Cypress, TX, from Skeeter’s Auto Service.

Oil Change Cypress TX

The most important preventative maintenance service is the oil change. Now you may ask, what about my transmission flush or brakes? We say the oil change is the most important since it is the only preventative maintenance that has to be done consistently. The recommended mileage interval for a transmission flush is 30,000 to 60,000 miles. The recommended mileage interval for an oil change is 3,000 to 5,000 miles. That is a big difference. Keep your engine healthy and your car running with scheduled oil changes from Skeeter’s Auto Service.

Preventative Maintenance Cypress TX

Other than the oil change, there are several other important preventative maintenance services that your car needs to keep running without issues. Here are a few we offer here at Skeeter’s Auto Service:

  • Brake inspection/replacement
  • Transmission flush
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Tire rotation
  • Coolant refill
  • Fluid services
  • & More

Sleeter Auto Service has the skills, technical expertise, and tools to tackle all the maintenance you need. Preventative maintenance services are minor non-costly services put in place by the manufacturer to keep the main parts of your vehicle from breaking down rapidly. Every car has them, but every car is different. Refer to your owner’s manual for the complete list of the preventative maintenance your vehicle requires. The other option is to give us a call, and we can take care of those services for you and help you plan the next ones.

Oil Change Near Me

Skeeter Auto Service helps keep cars running and has been serving the community of Cypress, TX for years. So if you are looking for quality auto repairs and service and want honesty, transparency, and quality, we are looking forward to seeing you walk through our doors. Being family-owned, we know how essential repairs can be and how costly they can be. Save money and time with preventative maintenance services. Give us a call or set an appointment online for your next service. We are looking forward to providing dealership quality service for that family price.

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